At the end of 2020 I asked my clients a question. “What advice would you give now, to your younger self then?” I only questioned clients who I have been working with for at least the entire year, and clients who have been working at least as intensively but for a shorter duration. In other words, those who are really working hard. Here are their responses in all their beautiful glory. Definitely fit to get you through 2021. I am so proud of all my clients. Well done.

In their words…

K.C. – “Lighten up and have more fun.”

R.C.H. – “Make a list of important books to read and then read them. Don’t only read what you want.”

D.G. – “Take care of yourself physically. Strength and health lost is harder to gain.”

B.A. – “Learn how to love and accept yourself. Don’t look to others for self-worth and validation.” 

P.R. – “Question everything and draw your own conclusions.”

G.I. – “Don’t ever commit to a relationship in high school. Learn how to have a healthy relationship with yourself.”

K.P. – “Love is worth the risk of grief.” 

M.M. – “Trust yourself much less.”

P.F. – “Be kind to yourself, you were never fat, you were always pretty, and it’s okay to not do everything perfectly the first time.” 

B.H. – “It’s okay to have your own best interests at heart and seek out help even when you have been raised to tough it out.” 

A.H. – “Don’t be afraid to try things, do things, and meet people because those will be the best experiences of your life.”

N.T. – “Trust your instincts, you have them for a reason.”

J.N. – “You can’t make people kind.”

R.G. – “Other people’s happiness and success is not your responsibility.”

A.B. – “Don’t worry about what others think and don’t put limits on yourself because you will still be loved, even when you fail.”

S.W. – “Trust God more and don’t stress out over ambiguous and uncertain moments.” 

J.H. “Keep life simple and do not follow the world. Jesus is your savior.”

A.H. – “In the moment it feels so big to disappoint your parents, but in the end only you have to sleep at night with the choices you make.”

A.S. – “Don’t wait to explore and pursue your faith.”

E.S. – “Don’t take life too seriously.”

S.S. – “Have kids young, your family, your tribe, is everything.”

J.K. – “Go after what you want and get counseling to help you process it all.”

A.S. – “Quit smoking, drinking, and tripping on acid.”

A.V. – “Be nice to yourself and get a therapist during college.”

T.M. – “You’ll never know how much love is going to hurt you, until it does.”

A.C. – “You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.” 

M.B. – “Polyvagal Therapy.”

H.M. – “It’s okay to be different. Stick up for yourself. You are strong. You will be okay.”

K.S. – “Hope that things can get better. Work hard, harder than you think you can, and have a little bit of luck too.”

R.G. – “Your worth is not based on how useful you are to others.”

E.M. – “Move more. You’re not alone. Make decisions.”

C.K. – “It’s not your job to make everyone feel okay and you need to find a good counselor now.” 

Thank you to my amazing clients for a beautiful year of hard work, welcome change, and tremendous healing.