When it comes to relationships, batter up because home plate is love. Here comes the pitch – it’s a fastball – out of the strike zone. Swing. Contact. Start running. The conflict has started and it’s an ascending rocket to centerfield. First base is believing the best about the other person. Second base is resisting the urge to imply intent thus denying yourself the ability to take things personally. Third base is accepting that you don’t have to understand the problem to interact with it or solve it. The outfielders are having difficulty keeping an eye on the ball and the third base coach (your marriage) is waving you home and its then you realize this was about love the whole time. How you feel about each other is way more important than how you feel about the problem which is way more important than the problem itself and as you slide into love, you score. Now the problem seems smaller and your ability to solve it seems larger and the conflict isn’t even in the ballpark any longer. In fact, the problem has begun to solve itself and the only yelling that you hear is the celebration of your effort.