I am Jeremy James Lanning.

“I help individuals, groups, and businesses with people problems.”


I’m a Certified Business Consultant and Certified Life Coach. I’m here to help you or your group identify problems and increase your effectiveness through solutions. There is a path between positive and negative outcomes and where you end up greatly depends on the skills you have. While hard skills look good on a resume, it’s the soft skills that will determine success or failure. I will assist you in understanding, developing, applying, and maintaining these skills: leadership, teamwork, communication, adaptability, interpersonal relations, problem solving, and conflict resolution.

I am uniquely qualified to help you.

“Success is about becoming the most sovereign, authentic, and genuine version of yourself possible, so that you can have full agency and authority over yourself and your surroundings.”

My undergraduate and graduate degrees are in psychology and counseling. I spent 8 years’ active duty in the USN and USMC Hospital Corps and I worked extensively in cardiac surgery as an assistant and as a paramedic in emergency medicine. My extensive experience as a Counselor & Psychotherapist has given me a confident understanding of people and I have consistently worked in high pressure environments while thinking critically and acting decisively.

Business concept of creative idea and innovation. Hand flip over wooden cube block with light bulb icon (new idea) and head human symbol have no idea.

I am here for you.

“Never rely on the wisdom of your factory settings.”

Tangled brain mental health concept as a rope twisted into a human thinking organ as a medical neurological symbol for mind function or diseases as dementia or autism.

We are all in this together. At Alchemy Coaching & Consulting there is no rearview mirror. This is not therapy or counseling. Our focus will be on the present moving forward. Let’s discuss your needs and get creative. Please look around my website and reach out via the contact page.